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Sara + Chuck | Young Living Lavender Farm | Mona, Utah

Funny story, I'm from Arizona, okay? Arizona is not wet or muddy. It's dry and we barely ever see rain or water (I'm being dramatic... but not really). Anyway, so when I traveled to Utah, I headed straight to these lavender fields for the cutest couple session ever with Sara and Chuck.

When I pulled up to the fields, I had them following behind me so they could follow me to the spot. Unfortunately, I was not accustomed to wet dirt mud and I drove right into it, thinking I could continue to drive on it. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, I literally got stuck in the mud.

After frantically calling my mother (who was all the way in Arizona, btw), Chuck got out of his car and asked if I needed help. Thank Jesus they were there because I quite literally don't know what I would have done if I was just stuck with no one around.

Anyway, he pushed my car onto dry land and I learned an important lesson - DO NOT DRIVE ON WET SLIPPERY MUD.

Here are the cutest pictures ever (after I got over the mud thing).

The smell of fresh lavender, the sight of endless purple flowers - WORTH getting stuck.

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