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Darby & Cade | Oregon Couples Session

This session was planned in the evening, and thinking we'd get sunshine (being an Arizona girl at heart), I was kind of excited that we got some rain. However, we did have to hide out in our cars until we could start shooting again.

Oregon weather is wild because not ten minutes after it was pouring, it was totally sunshine and perfect. A typical day on the Oregon day, apparently!

As soon as it stopped raining and we were able to enjoy the vast green hills for about 2 hours without any change in the weather. I have to say we got super lucky!

Darby and Cade told me their love story while I was photographing them and basically said they were meant to be. Not really, but they said they met when they were really young and Cade kept trying to talk to her and she wasn't interested. Fast forward to now and look at them! What I loved the most about them telling us their story is that they listened to their heart and gave each other a chance and now they're the cutest two little love birds. I can’t wait to see where life takes them.

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