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Behind the Lens of An Arizona Wedding + Elopement Photographer


Hi! I'm Jessica.

I am an Arizona elopement and wedding photographer, but willing to travel anywhere for love!

When asked to describe my style of photography, I always say I use a storytelling approach to my wedding photography and that is my signature style. I like candid, unposed images of your loved ones, special moments between the two of you, your dad wiping away a tear during the ceremony, the look on your face as you say "I do". That’s what I love about this style of documentary wedding photography, it captures precious moments that can never be recreated.

I have many inspirations when it comes to fellow photographers before me. I think what draws me to their work specifically is their ability to capture genuine moments in time. When people see my work, i want them to create an undeniable connection with the image, the photograph should stir an emotion. I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling photography, which is why I enjoy elopement and wedding photography so much.

I want this blog space to be a place where clients and fellow photographers can take a peek into my mind. I hope to share tips and tricks, location secrets, photography hacks, and more.

Feel free to be my friend and follow me on Instagram by clicking the button below!


xx, jessica

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