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10 Reasons Why You Should Elope in 2022 – From An Arizona Elopement Photographer

Firstly, why the heck not?! Big party weddings are great, but so are tiny, intimate elopements with just you and your lover. Here are ten reasons you should totally pull the trigger and elope!

Reason #1 - You want to eliminate some stress.

Planning a traditional wedding involves a lot of people—and unfortunately, some unsolicited opinions as well.

It can easily become overwhelming and stressful! And who wants that on the biggest day of their lives? Eloping eliminates that stress and allows you to start your lives with an epic adventure, because you deserve that!

Most couples that choose to elope crave a day that reflects their relationship. They’re rad couples that value a true experience they can remember forever. They know these memories don’t come from the things they had on their wedding day, but the experience of being together, focusing on each other in way that represents their love.

In the end, there are no rules eloping or wedding day. The most important thing you can do is honor who you are as a couple. If planning, coordinating, and balancing a wedding sounds like a nightmare, then consider planning this important day around what makes you truly happy — hiking, nature, sweet mountain air, and sharing an epic day with the person you love.

Reason #2 - You both love to travel & want to explore somewhere new.

One of the best reasons to elope is probably having the opportunity to explore somewhere new together. Why not commemorate a special event with a special trip, as well. Two in one!

A lot of couples who decide to elope are adventurous and value experiences over material items.

Deciding to elope is also a great idea if you’re thinking about combining your honeymoon and wedding day into one big event. How awesome would it be to say “I do”, and then instantly turn your vacation mode on without worrying about flight delays or hauling your luggage?

Elopements are also different from destination weddings where you have to worry about all your guests, including their arrival times and accommodations.

By deciding to elope together, you also have fewer limitations on where you can celebrate your marriage together. Do you want to hike 10 miles? Go for it! Maybe you want to elope on a beautiful black sand beach in the middle of winter? Let’s plan it! Or maybe you want a romantic elopement on top of Santorini’s white rooftops? Do it! There are so many possibilities when you decide to elope, and that is reason enough for so many couples to plan one.

Reason #3 - Less Drama!

If you're like me, you have a billion cousins and family members and if you're also of a different culture (like me), they are ALL expecting to be invited to your wedding. This can be a good and sometimes bad thing. A large wedding is expensive and family members may feel burdened by "wedding guest fees" such as travel, hotel accommodations, missing work days, etc.

Eloping eliminates all of those issues! Also, when you elope, it's different from a small wedding and only inviting certain people (which can cause hurt feelings). Eloping is just you and your partner -- no one else. No hard feelings.

Reason #4 - A big wedding isn't your style.

A big wedding is not for everyone, and that’s ok. Personally, being a bride in front of potentially hundreds of people, making me squirm.

A lot of couples may not agree with their families’ wedding traditions or wedding traditions, in general. Some couples may not even like being the center of attention. These couples may also want a more casual environment for their wedding day.

It’s ok to think outside the box for your wedding and not want to fall within the status quo. That’s doesn’t make your wedding any less of a wedding. If you aren’t loving the idea of planning a big wedding, then try planning an elopement instead and see how you feel!

You should do something that reflects your relationship together. If that means renting a cool Airbnb, sharing some pizza at the end of your hike, or going on a ski adventure, then elope!

It’s also important to note that you can plan an elopement and bring immediate family or friends along to your adventure. You don’t have to be completely by yourselves if you don’t want to. Again, do what makes you happy.

Reason #5 - Um, hello, there's a pandemic!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a huge problem in the world, having an elopement eliminates spreading any extra germs!

Reason #6 - Shift Your Focus.

You focus on the act you're about to commit, rather than the party you're about to throw. It can be so easy to get swept up into the realm of wedding planning. My cousin spent months planning a few different wedding ideas and they were so stressful and time consuming. When you're not focusing on the planning and everyone else (like if everyone's having the time of their lives), you can focus on your partner and the adventure you're about to embark on.

Reason #7 - It's easier to show off your personality when you elope.

Wedding planning has turned into a three-ring circus in the United States. It seems like every single year involves more fees, more little ceremonies, more tchotchkes, and more little details that somehow make the wedding better.

Let me ask you something. Is the wedding really a reflection of who you two are? Are you really "Turks and Caicos wedding with a choreographed wedding party dance?" Are you seriously the couple that needs a $45,000 fairy tale wedding, only to return to a two bedroom house in Arkansas?

Eloping is better for most couples who just want it to be about them, and not the chiffon. There's no reason to splurge on something that really doesn't reflect you and your lifestyle, right?

Reason #8 - You want to save money.

Let’s talk numbers! A topic that can easily send you into an anxiety attack. It's okay, take a breath. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by just the thought of how much it’s going to cost to have a big wedding, then that should be a big red flag.

Another reason why so many couples have decided to forgo a traditional wedding is to avoid starting their forever, forever in debt! Really decide if a big party for a few hours is worth the stress of debt for potentially, a few years.

Did you know the average cost of a wedding in the US was $33,900 in 2019, according to The Knot. Not to mention this cost does not include honeymoon expenses! What?! That's wild.

While this is fine if you’re ok spending this much money on a wedding, this is not ok if you have other plans that may be put on hold for a one-day event.

If you find yourself pushing back some important to-dos on your list together because of your wedding day expenses, then maybe it’s time to elope instead.

Reason #9 - It's short, sweet, and simple.

All you need to elope is a great wedding photographer (like me!), a wedding dress, and a great location. That's quite literally it. It doesn't get any better than that.

Reason #10 - You are not confined by time constraints from venues or vendors.

Planning a wedding comes with compromises. If you have a date and a venue but the two don’t align, you’ll have to re-think your approach. The same goes with guests and vendors on the day.

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